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Healthy Bed
Healthy Bed
Healthy Bed
Healthy Bed
Healthy Bed

Healthy Bed

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Get your fur kids a real bed they deserve today! Our Healthy Bed is the best orthopedic dog bed that is designed to eliminate pressure points and ease any arthritis/hip dysplasia symptoms.

If your fur kids are slowing down and seem to shift frequently in their sleep, it is time to get this bed for them so they will rest comfortably through their golden years.

Your fur kids can rest comfortably, wake up feeling refreshed, and have your older fur kids acting like a puppy again. 


Human-level orthopedic mattress quality - We use human-level orthopedic mattress quality which sets our Healthy Bed apart from other memory foam dog beds. 

It is specially tailored to give the lush feel of human-level memory foam to avoid the sinking feeling that comes with mattresses made from these materials.

Proven to eliminate pressure points while supporting the spine - The key to waking pain free is ensuring your fur kids get pressure relief in the sore spots and the right of support where they needs it. 

The Healthy bed seeks to find a balance between firm spine support and the elimination of pressure points. It absorbs pressure and equalizes weight distribution no matter the size of the dog. 

Instead of a classic memory foam dog bed, the Healthy Bed corresponds to your fur kids' bodies soft tissues, muscles, joints and connective tissue.

Healthy sleep surface - Our Healthy Bed completely breathes, letting moisture flow through the bed, keeping it off of your fur kids and out of your fur kids' sleep system. It is made to avoid the heat that comes with the bed made from these materials. This is crucial to having a good night's sleep. 

Eases anxiety - Experts categorize canine anxiety into three departments: noise anxiety, separation anxiety and social anxiety. Our Soothing Rug uses a medically certified concept of calming your fur kid to balance their nervous system and enhance essential blood circulation to create a sense of self-relaxation.

Water-resistant & machine washable - The ultra-soft vegan fur cover is washable and the memory foam liner is water resistant. The Healthy bed also contains natural anti-microbial properties that keep it fresher for longer. 


Memory foam’s most unique characteristic is it’s temperature-sensitivity, which is what allows it to offer the custom-contouring this material is well known for. The feel of the firmness is influenced by the ambient room temperature. If the room is cold the mattress will feel firmer. This will quickly change as the memory foam material works in partnership with body heat. When the dog lies down on the mattress, the memory foam reacts quickly to the body temperature and softens almost immediately, and is able to create a surface unique to the dog every time it’s used. So even if the foam feels firm at first, it’ll change when the dog lies down.


The cover - The cover is removable for washing and additional covers are available for purchase. Unzip the zipper linings to remove the memory foam base from the outer cover. Wash the cover in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat OR hang to dry. The material will not shrink in the wash and is easy to put back on the zipper. A damp cloth can also be used to remove stains from the cover. 

The memory foam - The memory foam is not machine washable. To freshen it up, lightly sprinkle baking powder on the foam. This will give the foam a fresh smell. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Then vacuum the baking powder with a vacuum cleaner, which can also remove pet hair from the memory foam. To remove a stain, use a damp cloth with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing soap to rub the stain in a light circular motion. Let it sit for 10 minutes and press out as much moisture as you can without "wringing out" the foam, because wet foam can tear more easily. To dry the memory foam, leave it to air dry.  

The liner - To clean the liners, use a damp cloth with warm water to remove stains.

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Medium(93cm L x 56cm W) French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Beagle, Jack Russell Terrier
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Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Shiba Inu, Whippet, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer, Husky

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